Play Yard Light - Silver


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  • Play Yard Light - Silver
  • Play Yard Light - Silver
  • Play Yard Light - Silver
  • Play Yard Light - Silver
  • Play Yard Light - Silver
  • Play Yard Light - Silver
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Open the bag, lift out the play yard and set it up in one simple movement. There are no loose parts to attach. The legs unfold automatically and once you have put the mattress in you have a stable play yard to use at home or on trips. When you’re not using it, simply fold it up and store it in the practical bag.

Traveling with children typically involves a lot of luggage, so it’s good to know the play yard only weighs 13 lb/6 kg. It’s easy to move around once set up, and the bag’s smart design means that the play yard is easy to store, carry and stow in any baggage space – perfect for all kinds of trips.

The Play Yard Light comes with a soft and comfortable mattress, making it a cozy place for your baby to play. The mattress has a built-in base plate that keeps the lightweight play yard standing firmly on the floor and there is no upper weight limit as the mattress is resting on the floor, so a sibling or a parent is welcome to get in and play as well.

The lightweight and cleverly designed play yard is perfect for both small and great adventures. It’s as ideal for paying a short visit to a friend’s home as it is for longer journeys.

Traveling can be both fun and exciting, but meanwhile it’s comforting to have a familiar place in new surroundings. The Play Yard Light is a safe place for small children to play and feel at home.

The sides of the play yard are made from soft and airy mesh fabric. This allows the baby to breathe through the fabric, you need not worry if the baby’s face is close to the sides of the play yard. The see-through mesh lets you keep an eye on your baby and allows your baby to look out.


  • Simple to set up and fold up
  • Easy to take with you
  • Soft and comfy mattress
  • Removable and washable play yard material
  • Can be used for babies and children aged 0–3 years
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